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Channel Update: STICKERS! Website! COPPER COUNT!

If you had asked me as a child if I could imagine that, decades later, in my 40s, I’d be making and trading stickers with other adults all around the world…

I probably would have said yes, of course! What else would I be doing?

Now, back then, I likely would have been imagining Wacky Packages stickers.
Garbage Pail Kids didn’t come along until I was a teenager, as did skateboard stickers, which I always stuck on my board and car at the time.
(Oh do I wish I still had a stack of those.)

Anyway, I just got a box of 1000 Quarterbash stickers. My first design. I’m stupidly happy about them.

Want one?

Video uploaded on October 10, 2020

Watch it here:

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