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When I was much younger and buying miniatures, it was primarily to paint. I also played some Warhammer 40K, but my real love at the time was painting. I didn’t have a lot of money and miniatures are a fairly expensive hobby, so I focused on figures from Citadel/Games Workshop. Because of that, I completely missed out on the chance to buy the Ral Partha miniatures, that I constantly look for now, brand new and at their original release prices.

I’ve had this dream my whole life. It’s my version of the classic, “What would you do if you were rich?”
After sorting out the safety and comfort of every person important to me, I would amass a collection of all the things I loved in my younger years but could never afford, or if I could, didn’t hold on to. Two of each: one open and one in the package. These dragons would be very high on that list.

Video uploaded on October 23, 2020

Watch it here:

You can still find the AD&D Council of Wyrms campaign setting in secondhand markets.

Original Council Of Wyrms set by TSR:

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