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MINI BUYS PART 3 – This One May Have Been a Mistake…

Let’s say you were going to package up a large box of fragile metal miniatures that you had sold for a decent amount of money on eBay. Would you throw them in a box, loose, with only some simple foam padding in between the different layers, and then hope the post office treated said box with special care and consideration so that the valuable miniatures would arrive to the buyer unbent and unbroken?

Because if that’s your plan, you might be the seller I’m extremely unhappy with this week.

This happens to me often enough that I usually send the seller a note ahead of time asking them to take care with the packaging of my miniatures. Some of them take offense to this request and some are very cool and reassuring, but it’s the opening of the box on my end that reveals whether or not I was heard and heeded.

This time around, not so much.

Still got some killer minis out of the deal though.

Video uploaded on October 26, 2020

Watch it here:

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