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Dad Coins Episode 7: Wheat Pennies, Canadian Silver, and Copper

One of the reasons it has taken me so long to get serious about a deep dive into my father’s coin collection is that it is made up mostly of pennies. I started my coin hunting adventure searching through bank boxes of quarters and half dollars for silver. While I would occasionally watch a video about a penny hunt, the amount of knowledge I would need to add to embark on an effective penny search of my own felt daunting.

Then I started doing the Copper Count.

Once I made the decision to sort out and collect all post-1958 copper pennies I find, the various jars, cans, boxes, and bags of my father’s collection began to look like something upon which I could get a handle. Previous videos I have made on the collection have centered mostly around receiving the collection, separating any non-coin bits, tokens, etc, and attempting to organize the rest into a workable plan. Now that I have a number that wants to grow on the Copper Count page, I can see that this collection will be an excellent way to drive it higher.

Going forward, I will be sorting the pennies in my dad’s collection into four categories:

1982 and later non-copper
1959 to 1982 copper
1909 to 1958 wheat pennies

These four categories will cover the vast majority of what will be found in the collection. Anything earlier than a 1909 wheat penny will be put in the final box in the collection which holds silver and rare coins, but I do not expect to find many, if any, of those.

Video uploaded on December 6, 2020

Watch it here:

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