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2021: New Year and a New Channel

I am well aware that it is now the middle of February and pretty much past the time when people are talking about the “new year.”

While that may be true for most, personally, I am only now getting my new plans for the year off the ground.

So, yeah. I started a new/second YouTube channel called QUARTER FLIPS.

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The idea to start a second channel came about when some decisions on the direction of my professional life were solidified at the start of the year. Michaelanne and I decided to push forward with online reselling as my focus and eventual full-time employment. To this end, an amount of space at the house was made available for this purpose, consisting of spaces in the garage and an extra room, plus a large storage unit for overflow.

This kind of work takes up space. Storage space, sorting space, and packing space.
In all of the years I’ve sold items online on the side, I’ve never had this much space to work with. I have to make the most of it!

The first month or so of QUARTER FLIPS shows that process as it begins and becomes my day to day activity. While there is still a lot of work to get this beast up and running, these first videos document a solid start.

My coins and collecting videos have been put on pause during this reorganization. I will be returning to them shortly.

In the meantime, come along for the Quarter Flips ride!

All videos up until the date of this post are listed below.

Starting Something New

Video uploaded Jan 3, 2021

2021 First Day of the New Plan for the House + BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S Framed Italian Poster

Video uploaded Jan 4, 2021

Pulling Packing and Shipping eBay orders – I need a real Packaging Station

Video uploaded Jan 6, 2021

I NEED A BIGGER STORAGE UNIT + I Sell Bob Dylan & Black Flag Music on eBay & Discogs

Video uploaded Jan 7, 2021

Sourcing Clearance Drug Store Items For Resale + I get called “Sus” by some concerned kids

Video uploaded Jan 8, 2021

TWIN PEAKS BOLO Found on a Trip to Half Price Books + Clearance Section Fails

Video uploaded Jan 9, 2021

I Sell the Baby Yoda of Vinyl Records (As Far As I’m Concerned) + Hit Some More Clearance Sections

Video uploaded Jan 11, 2021

A Big Quick Flip on a CLEARANCE AISLE BOLO + A Questionable Purchase

Video uploaded Jan 12, 2021

I Won’t Sell THIS on eBay + Some Retail Arbitrage Pitfalls

Video uploaded Jan 14, 2021

Discogs METAL & HARDCORE LP Vinyl Sales + A Private Coin Sale from QUARTERBASH

Video uploaded Jan 15, 2021

The Storage Unit, Daily Sales of Miniatures & Makeup, and Taking a Short Break for Podcast Editing

Video uploaded Jan 17, 2021

TWIN PEAKS David Lynch BOLO Pays Off!

Video uploaded Jan 23, 2021


Video uploaded Jan 25, 2021

Music, Miniature, & Makeup Sales + When Free eBay Listings Become An Issue

Video uploaded Jan 27, 2021

Adding Record Variants Into the DISCOGS DATABASE

Video uploaded Jan 29, 2021

How Many eBay FREE LISTINGS Did I End Up Using? + Selling a Hometown Classic on VHS

Video uploaded Feb 2, 2021

Another YouTuber Sends Me MYSTERY PACKAGES… What’s in These???

Video uploaded Feb 8, 2021

Piles of eBay Miniature sales + They Paid How Much for that HOBBIT Wood?

Video uploaded Feb 9, 2021

As Long as it Doesn’t Snow I Get to Go to an Auction Tomorrow… And also some Online Sales

Video uploaded Feb 13, 2021

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