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QUARTERBASH is the result of an idea that wouldn’t go away.

This is the guy who had the idea:

So that should tell you most of what you need to know.

That’s Dave.


The idea is that there is treasure everywhere.

Literally everywhere.

And one would need to look no further than the change in their own pockets, or in their car, or piled in a jar waiting to dump into a Coinstar to find overlooked valuables we let slip through our fingers day in and day out.

Once a person understood that, what other sources of treasure might they realize exist to be discovered?

I aim to find out.


Quarterbash consists primarily of content on my YouTube channel, which you can find here:

Subscribing to the channel would help immensely. Subscribers are hard to come by legitimately. A 1000+ subscription channel is a treasure in it’s own right, and it’s one I hope to find as quickly as possible.
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Hit me up on Twitter at @quarterbash

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Which is a whole other thing that I do.