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Sometimes I’ll go weeks or even months without finding any good deals on miniatures. Other times, like just recently, I’ll be confronted with too many opportunities. I have to be careful in these types of situations that I don’t overextend myself and blow all of my resale sourcing money on toys.

But, you know. I sometimes do.

This time I ended up winning three auctions on eBay for three very different miniature lots.
One was a solidly good buy for reselling.
One was personal as I plan to keep most of it for myself.
And one might have been a big financial mistake.

So here’s the first of my three part series on these miniature lot buys. This one centers around mid-80s Battletech miniatures from Ral Partha.

Video uploaded on October 19, 2020

Watch it here:

And if you are interested in checking out the current version of Battletech for the tabletop, here are some links to get you started:

Battletech: a Game of Armored Combat

Catalyst Game Labs BattleTech Beginner Box

IRON WIND METALS Command Lance Classic BattleMech Miniatures

Melee Mats Battle Game Mat – 48×72

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