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Adding to the Copper Count with Customer Rolls

The national coin shortage has thrown a monkey wrench into the plans of many coin enthusiasts over the last handful of months. In many places, including where I live, in-person banking became a hard thing to accomplish in a lockdown, and even when things eased up it was still impossible to get boxes of coins to sort on a YouTube channel. Local businesses were having trouble getting coins, and many near me had signs in the windows saying that could no longer do cash transactions as they could not give out change.

This does make some sense, especially given the information we were getting about COVID-19 in the beginning of this thing. Nobody wanted to touch anything while they were out (I still don’t) and everyone who could, switched over to paying by card whenever possible. This caused the flow of coins through the system to dry up. Less coins coming in than going out and we get a quick little lesson in the scarcity of resources in a time of crisis.

But now, like TP and hand sanitizer, coins seem to be slightly easier to get ahold of. When I asked about buying some customer rolled pennies at the bank this week, they were happy to comply.

And so the Copper Count increases.

Video uploaded on October 30, 2020

Watch it here:

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