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An Unexpected Offer

Someone got in touch and said they thought they had parts I needed for a bunch of the metal miniature sets featured in one of my recent videos, and that I might have parts they needed. We ended up making a mutually beneficial trade.

One unfortunate aspect of buying piles of miniatures on eBay is that you often end up with incomplete sets. Sometimes it’s one or more individual figures from a group that was sold together, usually in a boxed set, but other times it’s pieces that connect together to make a single miniature. Larger pieces like Dragons and other creatures often cannot be cast in a mold as one solid piece, so multiple items are included in the set to be glued together after purchase.

Getting heavy metal dragon wings to stay on a model can be a real challenge, but even worse is not having the wings at all. When sorting through a box of miniatures from an auction or private sale it is often the case that there will be certain models that are incomplete. These models will lack wings, arms, heads, weapons, or even the custom bases they are supposed to stand on.

It’s hard to decide what to do with these incomplete pieces. There is no way to buy the missing parts officially, as many of the old companies are out of business now, and even when they were around most of them didn’t offer individual parts sales. A missing piece is just gone and that’s that. Online resellers will rarely have specific parts available, although it is possible on occasion to luck out and find just the thing you need. You can’t count on that, however.

What I have done in the past is save everything that is incomplete with the hopes that the missing parts will come to me eventually. Inevitably, I become annoyed with this pile of junk and sell it cheap in a parts lot on eBay. I am going to try to stop doing this though, as the result of today’s video has me enthused and hopeful about trading parts with others to complete sets.

Video uploaded on November 14, 2020

Watch it here:

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