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Another Big Miniature Buy

I would understand if someone thought $200 didn’t exactly constitute a purchase that should be considered “big,” but for the miniatures I buy and sell, anything over that amount makes me uncomfortable unless it is abundantly clear that the figures in the box are worth much more.

That is not the case with this buy. I think.

I can’t be entirely sure. The bags of plastic parts may prove to be worth more than I think, but until I can get in and research exactly what I have there, I don’t know how to estimate the value.

There is also the curious case of the Ral Partha miniature I couldn’t identify in this lot. The one with the long spear and the horned helmet. I went page by page through the Ral Partha listings on the Lost Minis Wiki website and could not find hide nor hair of that thing. It shows up at right around the 21 minute mark in the video. Any of you sleuths out there know what it is?

Video uploaded on November 30, 2020

Watch it here:

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