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I don’t always make blog posts for my Mail Call Mondays videos, but this week something truly special arrived at my door: a U-TURN AUDIO Orbit Basic turntable care of CADENCE LEADERSHIP + COMMUNICATIONS.

Apparently Michaelanne knew it was coming and even helped do the research on which type of turntable would make a good holiday gift, with helpful and trusted advice from our old friend Jake Snider. Thank you Jake!

Since I didn’t want to just say “thank you” and enjoy my new toy in private, I decided to try my hand at an unboxing video. That gave me the opportunity to play some records in the video also, as the turntable needed to be tested. I even tricked Michaelanne into a mostly off-screen speaking role in this one. Do check it out.

Video uploaded on December 21, 2020

Watch it here:

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